See Dolphins Play in Their Natural Habitat

Even the locals will tell you that a Dolphin Tour is a must! Dolphin Tours take place throughout the year on 65 foot boats. Some of the boats have a "glass-bottom" with a seating area to view going on just below the boat. Some have 2 or 3 decks to walk or simply sit and take in the beauty of the moment. Watch while Dolphin play in their Pods, eating, swimming, and caring for their young. It's a great Destin attraction for all ages.

Destin is home to the most playful dolphins

While you search the emerald waters for those amazingly beautiful Dolphin, you might take a minute to talk to the Captain of the Deckhands to find out what it's like to be 'out at Sea' every day. Kids are even sometimes allowed to drive the boat! Once you've spotted your first Dolphin, you'll never forget it! The dolphin tours in Destin normally take 2 hours from start to finish, all the while searching for the dolphin. If it gets too warm for you or a young person almost all boats have an airconditioned cabin. If you would like to bring food you are more than welcome, but please, don't feed the seaguls. Drink is permitted as long as nothing is in a glass container. If dropped it can be dangerous for passengers, crew, and even the animals if dropped over board. Dolphin are wild creature so there's just no guarantee, however they do love to play so there's a better than 98% chance that you will. Most Dolphin love attention and tend to jump and play in the wake of the boats. More often than not, The Captain and Deckhands usually know just where to find them! Along with Destin Parasailing, dolphin cruises are one of the most popular and exciting tours in all of Northwest Florida!

Customer Reviews from

Awesome Pictures!
"We saw several dolphins. They followed the boat and even jumped out of water once the captain sped up the boat. It was a trick they said happens half the time if the dolphins are behind the boat. Amazing view and pictures of the dolphins."
Shana Harris - Olive Branch, MS

Highlight of our trip
"Great captain and friendly crew. Saw plenty of dolphins and a beautiful sunset. My 3 year old loved it!"
Justin Brown - Gainesville, GA

Dolphin History Cruise
" We saw well over 100 dolphins on our trip. The captain was able to engage the dolphins to ride our wave in two seperate areas. Crew was very curtious. I would highly recommend this trip and would go again given the opportunity!"
Mary Strickland - Lawrenceville, GA